Pensamientos y Reflexiones


“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

I’m not religious, but I think it’s time to start believing more. Today, I see faith in a brand-new light. How can one truly find peace when everything seems lost? Where does this calmness come from?

Countless times, I’ve heard the saying: “hope dies last”. When there are no answers and the consequences too severe, faith is all that remains. I always thought I could handle substantial risk. However, I may have been mistaken, as I’ve never taken any decision on such high stakes. Except for a few instances, I’ve always been able to correct most of my mistakes. I try to live by the “no regret” rule, doing the best I can with the resources available at the time. Life gives incomplete information, and we must act within our current constraints.

I might be too young to fully grasp this concept, but it feels different now. We constantly receive bad news, one story after another. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it makes us reflect, and occasionally it encourages us to grow. Where does the energy for this come from? Is it foolishness, stubbornness, or wisdom?

Climbing out of a hole once you’ve fallen in is challenging. I was lost in myself not long ago, but I can’t accept a reality I dislike. Strangely, restrictions can liberate us and give us the courage to push beyond. We all need to go through this journey repeatedly. Nothing is guaranteed, but we can shape our minds through challenging moments and thrive. This isn’t about recklessness or delusion, but focusing on what we can truly influence.

But what is faith? To me, it’s a genuine belief that everything will be alright. Faith is not a problem solver; it’s a path to serenity and self-awareness, which aids in problem-solving.

Por MarianoOG

MarianoOG es un científico de datos que ha participado proyectos científicos, apasionado de la tecnología, la ciencia y la educación, con experiencia en programación e inteligencia artificial. A través de su podcast, comparte su conocimiento y experiencia con personas curiosas y autodidactas que buscan crecer profesional y personalmente.